ABM Protocol

ABM Faucet

Kovan faucet to get tokens to test the protocol
  • USDT address: 0xF054942D6Ab6F07FC58aCD473E24A3283E080Af5
  • USDC address: 0xBF08047691986fB9DD5F5285aF83f887e57af2d2
  • WBTC address:0x7b15e33AE379320247F1Cc32AEEE2461934Aa478
  1. 1.
    Open the link above and connect your wallet
2. Select which coin you like to get
3. Confirm transaction to get coin in your wallet. (Troubleshoot: If coin is not displayed in your list of coins. first add the above mentioned coin addresses to your wallet provider.)
4. Add the above mentioned token addresses in your wallet provider for tokens to displayed in your wallet