ABM Protocol
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The idea of capitalizing the upside potential and preventing downside, gave birth to "dotBTC" . The innovative derivative behind abm protocol, whose value mimics the BTC and keeps growing with BTC value as price grows , but stops mimicking BTC when its price declines and the price of "dotBTC" stays around ATH (All Time High) value keeping "dotBTC" investors in a safe spot preventing market to eat their gains.
Now, for all those who are puzzled , from where does “dotBTC” derive its value?
That’s pretty simple, “dotBTC” value is derived from vaults which hold assets whose value is always greater than derivative asset value.
Vault assets value > “dotBTC” value

Behavior of dotBTC

during Uptrend: dotBTC follows BTC in an uptrend.
during Sidetrend: dotBTC stays constant(local high).
during Downtrend: dotBTC stays at the ATH.