ABM Protocol


The ABM Protocol is the platform through which anyone can generate .BTC against crypto collateral assets. Learn how it works.
As the bull market is going on, people are very confident about their “long” positions on Bitcoin. But along with confidence comes a small pinch of doubt about losing their gains by rapid market decline overnight. Every investor goes through this dilemma, and this is when ABM Protocol(Anti Bear Market Protocol) was born.
Someone who is well versed with the crypto/stock market always knows that whatever that goes up always comes back down sooner or later. Knowing this, it is also our major responsibility to capitalize the opportunity when the asset price is on top and buy back the asset at the bottom .This is a basic yet most powerful and important strategy to abide by . It took bitcoin 3 years to get back to the peak again. The bitcoin might still grow unpredictably, and it is of atmost importance for anyone to capitalize on the gains and Stop/Prevent the market from eating your gains.
dotBTC is derivative asset which follows BTC only in an uptrend ( Bull market ) and thus only gains in value skipping the bear market all together
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